Mercedes Benz: Rooftop stickers


Awesome idea and the sense of thinking different!

When Mercedes launched the new „Actros“ (truck), they where of course focussing on existing truck drivers. The dutch Agency N=5 (Amsterdam) came along with this great idea and created cool stickers and simply put them on the roof of several cars that were driving around in the streets.


Nike Golf: No cup is safe.


After Nike Golf has signed a sponsorship deal with No. 1-ranked Rory McIlroy for a reported $200 million, they now unveiled a new advert that features Tiger Woods and the Northern Irishman together.

The commercial shows the duo showcasing their athletic competitiveness, remarkable talents and playful attitudes by trying to outdo each other with a series of trick shots on the range or like USA today quoted:

“ Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy are just big ol‘ jerks for screwing up people’s breakfasts, lunches, high-rise windows and weddings.“

…and that`s what I like 😉 Another nice creation of Wieden+Kennedy.

Budweiser Budvar: What a statement !

To promote their non-alcoholic beer in Czech Republic (where it was originally founded) Budweiser bets on feminine charms. Nice idea with potential for more: In countries where the average girl isn`t that beautiful they can use the same structure to advertise the alcoholic version 😉

Produced by Kaspen/Jung von Matt, Prague

London Ice Sculpting Festival 2012

Looks interesting right? Ice in the Big Smoke is usually skated on or used to guzzle down drinks! The London Ice Sculpting Festival adds a curve-ball to the city’s usual uses for the substance with its annual display of worldwide craftsmanship. Spread across three spaces; Montgomery Square, Canada Square Park and Jubilee Place Shopping Mall, in London’s Canary Wharf, sculptors forming eight teams from around the globe aim to captivate you with their artistic talent and competitive spirit.

The main competition sees international teams battle it out on 2 metre high blocks of ice interpreting the theme of Winter Sports and following the main competition one member of each team will take on a speed sculpting challenge on the theme of Team Spirit. As well as the competition, there is an opportunity for you to try your hand at sculpting, in a free ice carving masterclass. Other attractions of the festival include a Snow Pit, where you can  can enjoy making snowmen or snowcastles, whatever the weather, in the covered area of real snow, and a Frost Fayre where you can purchase warming winter drinks and snacks.

For more info on this coming weekend’s festival between January 13-14th, check out its website. Peep the video above of last year’s London Ice Sculpting Festival and to get a teaser of what to expect this time round.

LG: smart thief …

There is not really much to say about this one except maybe something like: LG is the first one that discovers that our technological accelerated progress could end in a disadvantage.  „Faster, thinner, lighter…..and thereby easier to steal?!“ The agency Young & Rubicam from Netherlands produced this witty viral for LG. Nice idea guys !

Shake on it !

„College football fans are probably the most passionate fans out there. And rivalries run deep. So deep, in fact, that fans will often jump at the chance to prove their undying faith in their teams by promising to do some crazy things if they lose. Of course if they win, the tables turn. That’s a gentlemanly wager, and it becomes an unbreakable social contract between fans with a simple shake of hands. It’s not crazy, it’s sports.“

The visual result of that statement is indeed a bit crazy! Wieden+Kennedy (USA) has created this TV-commercial that shows what happens if your favourite team looses for ESPN. Funny one!

Volvo: “Detecting pedestrians before you do”

This is a nice example of the creative use of print! Made by Forsman & Bodenfors (Goteborg) for Volvo Sweden this advert makes aware that theVolvo V70 detects pedestrians crossing the street „…before you do!“. What I would like to point out is the innovative use of „old“ media. I like it!